This site describes our support for the AngularJS (1.x) framework. Visit for information on our latest version.

Build out your application

After the Getting started tutorials, you are ready to create your own SKY UX applications. For more information about the toolset to create applications, see to the SKY UX reference materials.

The current tutorials only cover the basics to get you started, but we will create additional tutorials as we identify areas where they are necessary.

Reference materials

In addition to the Getting started tutorials, the website features reference materials for SKY UX's HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework. We continue to expand the documentation to provide additional guidance and to improve existing documentation for components, design patterns, and layout elements.

  • The Components section describes tools such as directives and services that developers can implement to create the user experience patterns.
  • The Guidelines section provides guidance on the optimal way to apply SKY UX components and the context for when to use them.
  • The Design section describes the core elements that act as building blocks for components and implement SKY UX styles and patterns.

Next steps: