This site describes our support for the AngularJS (1.x) framework. Visit for information on our latest version.

SkyUX release 1.15.3 and SkyUX 2 releases 2.0.0-beta.30 – 2.0.0-beta.33

Recently completed

Ported to SkyUX 2

Dropdown (SkyUX 2)

  • We added an option to specify a dropdown as a primary button, giving it styling as such. Guidelines for when to use primary or regular are the same as for standard buttons.

  • Positioning of the dropdown menu will now change based on the amount of space available. This should prevent the menus from getting cut off when they are at the bottom or far right of the screen.

In the works

Color & typography changes (SkyUX and SkyUX 2)

We have started the work to update our color scheme and typography to improve accessibility. Look for release candidate builds in the next week or two. This work will include a lot of breaking visual changes if you are using visual regression testing, so allow time to update those tests as well as visually review your application to check for inconsistencies with any custom styling you have done.