This site describes our support for the AngularJS (1.x) framework. Visit for information on our latest version.

SkyUX releases 1.15.0 - 1.15.2 and SkyUX 2 releases 2.0.0-beta.23 – 2.0.0-beta.29

Recently completed

Timepicker (SKYUX 2)

This component allows the user to specify a time either by typing in a text field or using a picker interface.

Vertical tabs (SKYUX)

This is an extension to the Tabset component that provides vertically-arranged tabs to use in cases where horizontal tabs would not sufficiently scale.

Completed designs

Color picker

This component allows a user to specify a color using hex code, RGB value or a picker interface.

Record linking

This component provides an interface for comparing imported and existing items and specifying an action to take on those records.