Warning: We no longer develop features for this version of SKY UX, and we recommend that you use the latest version instead. This site describes the AngularJS (1.x) implementation of the SKY UX framework. We still support this version, but it is in maintenance mode. For more information, see developer.blackbaud.com/skyux.

SkyUX releases 1.13.2 - 1.13.5 and SkyUX 2 releases 2.0.0-beta.5 – 2.0.0-beta.9

Recently completed

Sectioned form (SkyUX 1)

This accommodates complex forms where the content is divided into sections, allowing the user to more quickly find the appropriate content.

Action button (SkyUX 2)

Action buttons are intended for pages where a call to action is the primary focus of the page. In those cases it is awkward and ineffective to display multiple small standard buttons, and this component will make the calls to action stand out much more.

List (SkyUX 2)

These components are ported functionality from SkyUX 1, but they have been built in a more modular way to allow for better reusability.

List toolbar

List grid view

List checklist view

In the works

Split panel (SkyUX 1)

The split panel (list of items on the left, work space on the right) will support scenarios where a user needs to sequentially complete a task for multiple items in a list.

Porting to SkyUX 2


Full page modal

List toolbar secondary actions

Completed designs

Toggle switch

This provides a control to change a binary state when in a view mode, where the state change takes place immediately without requiring the user to save a form.