This site describes our support for the AngularJS (1.x) framework. Visit for information on our latest version.

Design-oriented updates in SkyUX versions 1.9.0 - 1.10.1

Recently completed


We added multiselect functionality to Card and Repeater views within Listbuilder to allow the user to take action on multiple items at once.

Summary action bar

There were several different implementations of action bars being used across lists, modals and other components. In order to standardize these and provide some additional functionality we created an action bar that can be used in different contexts and has the ability to display summary information.

In the works


We are continuing work on Listbuilder. The current work is to build out the grid view so that the existing Grid component can be retired. We will also be adding support for pagination and enhancing multiselect functionality.

Completed designs

Vertical tabs

These vertically-oriented tabs will support scenarios where horizontal tabs do not scale appropriately and cases where tabs need to be grouped.

Split view

The split list view (list of items on the left, work space on the right) will support scenarios where a user needs to complete a task for multiple items in a list.


This will add some functionality to the Avatar component to allow for clearing the selected image and seeing the full version of the image.