Warning: We no longer develop features for this version of SKY UX, and we recommend that you use the latest version instead. This site describes the AngularJS (1.x) implementation of the SKY UX framework. We still support this version, but it is in maintenance mode. For more information, see developer.blackbaud.com/skyux.

Design-oriented updates in SkyUX versions 1.6.5 - 1.6.8

Recently completed

Search input

As part of the list builder work we have created a standalone Search input to start standardizing the search interaction across components.

Grid – applied filters display

We added an option to disable the ability to clear filters applied within the Grid applied filters view. This helps support usage of Grid in scenarios that start with a prefiltered list with parameters that shouldn’t be altered.

In the works

List builder view switching

We are continuing with the foundational work to enable list builder view switching. The next piece we are picking up is filtering, changing from a flyout to a modal interaction to allow for better scaling.

Full page task UIs

While adding full page modals, we are also doing some work to allow Grids with docked headers to be used within a modal.


We are working on some higher-level guidelines, including page layout and content containers.

Completed designs

Select field

There are a few changes we will be making to the select field, including the way selected options are displayed in multi-select mode and quicker clearing in single-select mode.

Time picker

There is some ongoing work to determine how time zones will be handled, but the bulk of the design is settled.