The resources constant and filter allow you to localize SKY UX components. bbResources mostly applies to component development. When you build SKY UX and need to render a string, you can inject the bbResources constant. When you inject bbResources, all locale strings are available on the bbResources object and in a bbResources filter. You can view the available local strings on the SKY UX GitHub repo.


Financial year localized using the bbResources constant: {{ resourcesCtrl.fiscal }}

Financial year localized using the bbResources filter: {{ 'date_range_picker_this_fiscal_year' | bbResources }}


<div ng-controller="ResourcesTestController as resourcesCtrl">
  <p>Financial year localized using the <code>bbResources</code> constant: {{ resourcesCtrl.fiscal }}</p>
  <p>Financial year localized using the <code>bbResources</code> filter: {{ 'date_range_picker_this_fiscal_year' | bbResources }}</p>


/*global angular */

(function () {
    'use strict';

    function ResourcesTestController(bbResources) {
        var vm = this;
        vm.fiscal = bbResources.date_range_picker_this_fiscal_year;

    ResourcesTestController.$inject = ['bbResources'];

        .controller('ResourcesTestController', ResourcesTestController);