Help button

For Blackbaud Internal Use Only

The help button directive is not currently available for third-party custom applications.

The help button directive creates a help icon that users can click to launch a help key that you specify. The presence of the help icon on a page can also optionally override the default help content that the help panel displays based on page context.

Help button settings

  • bb-help-button — Creates a help icon to open help content that you specify.
    • bb-help-key — Specifies a help key to open when users click the help icon.
    • bb-set-help-key-override(Optional.) Indicates whether to override the page context when the help service displays help content in the help panel. To display help content based on bb-help-key instead of page context, set this property to true. (Default: false)


This help icon opens a help key that is not based on page context:


<div style="float: left; margin-right: 5px">This help icon opens a help key that is not based on page context:</div>
<div bb-help-button bb-help-key="bb-security-users.html"></div>


// No script is required.